GP Connect Data
Transparency Portal

Learn who is using GP Connect and how it is used.

  • What is GP Connect?

    GP Connect is a service that allows information and the GP Patient Record to be viewed and shared between IT systems. This means authorised clinical staff from different healthcare settings can share and view clinical information held by a GP practice.

    The sharing of records is only for the purpose of direct care, where the patient is being treated or consulted in a setting away from their regular GP. GP Connect respects patient consent choices and will not share their data if the patient has asked their GP not to.

    What does this site do?

    This site will allow a search of healthcare settings which have access to GP records via GP Connect and will give a general reason why that setting has access. It will not give details of specific cases and will not disclose any patient data.

    More detailed information can be obtained from care settings involved where appropriate.

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