Mill Stream Surgery

The reason for this site accessing patient GP records is:

The GP holds a detailed record of the patient's medical history. GP Connect makes the full patient record available for healthcare professionals in other care settings, including other GP practices, NHS 111 and hospitals to view as part of providing treatment or care. GP Connect can also support the booking of a patient into an appointment at their registered practice or at a service to access a GP or other clinicians out of hours.

The GP practice manages the data which is shared via GP Connect. GP Connect works on an implied consent basis. Patients who do not want to have their record shared should contact their GP practice.

Additional Information

Data sharing limitations:

GP Connect permits the sharing of patient data only for the purpose of direct care and is only available in England.

Organisation address

Mill Stream, Benson, Wallingford, Oxfordshire, OX10 6RL, England

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