Getting started with this site

The National Data Sharing Portal for GP Connect is a website that allows individuals to search for healthcare settings, such as hospitals or care homes, that have access to GP records via GP Connect.

The website provides a general reason why that care setting has access to that information as well as their address. It does not provide specific details or disclose patient data.


You can search the database on the search page. Enter the name of a care setting (for example, Manchester Surgery), in the search box and click "Search".

Alternatively, if you know it, you can search using an ODS code by clicking "Alternatively, search by ODS code" to the right of the Search button. This will take you to the ODS code search page.


Note: If you accidentally enter the ODS code of an organisation on the default name search page, it is likely that no search results will be returned.


Once you have entered a search, a list of care settings will be shown below which link to each of their details pages. However, if only one search result is found, you will be taken directly to the full detail page of that healthcare setting.

If the search brings backs more than 10 results, the results will be broken up into multiple pages. When this happens, you can click on "Next" at the end of the list to access the next page of search results.

Using the "Back" button

At the top of most pages is a "Back" link, you can use this button to return to the previous page you were on (depending on which page you are coming from).

How can I provide feedback?

We welcome feedback on the National Data Sharing Portal for GP Connect so please complete the satisfaction survey and if you would like to write some suggestions for improvement, comments or any other feedback, please feel free to do so.

How can I find more specific information to me?
This portal will only tell you if your GP has agreed to share patient data in particular ways. You will need to ask your GP specifically where they have sent your records, and for what reason.
I can't find a care setting
If you can't find a care setting there are several possible reasons. The first may be because it is not using GP Connect and therefore not on this site.

If you have searched their name and are getting the No Results box first check that you have typed the place name correctly and then try simplifying your search terms. This can be by taking out generic words like "Surgery" or "Care Home" and instead focusing on place names.

Note that the search is not case sensitive -for example, "LEEDS" and "leeds" will return the same results.
I opted out of data sharing, is the information on here relevant to me?
The information on this portal will tell you what mechanisms (if any) your GP uses to share health records with other GP Connect users, but if you have opted out, your records should not be shared, except when necessary to advance your care (for example, to refer you to hospital or get you a prescription).
What do I do if I don't want my health information shared or accessed?
You can register your preferences about how and why your health information is shared with both your GP and NHS England. You can find information about how to do this.
What is an ODS code and how can I find one?
ODS stands for Organisation Data Service; it's a directory of all the organisations in the NHS, or that interact with the NHS. An ODS code identifies a particular organisation. You can find the ODS code for an organisation in the NHSD ODS Portal.
What organisations can use GP Connect?
GP Connect can only be used by organisations deemed to be providing direct care. This means only healthcare organisations that have legitimate and direct ability to affect a patient's health and thus need further access to patient data. Find out more about direct care here.

Organisations commonly deemed to be providing direct care are:
  • Hospitals
  • Community services
  • Ambulances services
  • Pharmacies
  • Care homes
  • 111
Where can I find more information about NHS England?
Why am I seeing an error page, did I do something wrong?
In the unfortunate event that an error has occurred, there are 2 likely scenarios. If you see the page with an error code 404, it means you have tried to access a page which does not exist. If you see another type of error page, it's likely that there is a problem with the website itself. In that scenario, we will have been notified to investigate the issue as quickly as possible.